Barbara Wichman of The Noble Agent reached out to me for help with her Trademark Filing.  She had filed a Trademark Application on her own and the USPTO issued her an Office Action refusing to register the mark based on her Specimen of Use and the Services she listed. Barb was stuck and needed the help of a Trademark attorney to make sure her filing would go through. She reached out to Allison at AMC Legal.  

I was able to respond to the USPTO in a timely manner and correct her initial Application.  A new specimen of use was submitted and clarification and correction of her services was submitted to the USPTO, who accepted the changes and allowed the Application to proceed.  I kept track of the Trademark throughout the remainder of the process and updated Barb along the way.  Barb’s Trademark Certificate was just issued and I was able to message Barb right away with the good news!

Of course working with an attorney right from the beginning can help to make sure your mark is clear and cause less delays in your Trademark filing, but if you do find yourself stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to AMC Legal to help you with any matter.  I will be there to help you.

Michelle is a business coach who provides support to business owners as they take their business to the next level.  Similar to her clients, Michelle had big plans to (yet again!) take her business to the next level and was expecting great growth in 2019.  Being an experienced business coach, Michelle knew she had to have all her ducks in a row before launching her brain child.  So she gave Allison a call.

Allison worked with Michelle to create several legal items that Michelle needed to make sure she was not only covered for liability, but also to make sure her clients and colleagues were all on the same page.  This way Michelle could be poised for success, and not have to worry about potential drawbacks or delays while launching her new program.

Allison worked on terms and conditions for Michelle’s website, a service agreement that integrated seamlessly with her online platform and an affiliate agreement to provide commissions to those who refer business to her.

As with all of her clients, Allison listened to Michelle’s needs and drafted a thorough document that exceeded Michelle’s expectations.  She then reviewed the document with Michelle to make sure that it met all of her needs and fit well with the platform Michelle was utilizing.

Michelle is now ready to roll out her new program, and can do so confidently, knowing that she took the time to make sure it was done right.

Here’s what Michelle had to say about working with Allison and AMC Legal.  “I really LOVED how knowledgeable and thorough Allison was as she worked with me. There are so many twists and turns that come about as you launch an online platform.  As a result, there’s always things that need to be tweaked and adapted so that they are consistent throughout the site.  Allison’s patience as things came up really made the process easier, as did her probing so we could think ahead about things that may be coming down the road.  This is simply one example of the types of projects Allison and her team has supported me with through the years.  It’s so nice to know no matter what comes up, I can reach out to her and it will be handled with great care. I’d highly recommend them.”


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