AMC Legal Clients

The following is a list of current and past AMC Legal Clients which are providers of various services and listed for informational purposes only. AMC Legal does not receive a referral fee from these providers and does not provide a referral fee for any clients referred by a provider to the Firm. It is up to the client to decide who is best to work with. AMC Legal will not be liable for any work done by these providers.

Metropolitan Brewing, LLC
Tracy Hurst

Metropolitan Brewing is a production microbrewery located in Chicago. Craft beer drinkers are caught up in a delicious whirlwind of flavors, aromas, and raise-the-bar-push-the-envelope beer styles offered by American craft brewers. We at Metropolitan would like to invite a little balance to the party. The smooth, mellow flavors and dry finish of German lagers are the foundation of Metropolitan’s beers. Of course, we can’t help but twist things up in our very own way. We are, after all, craft beer’s obsequious minions.


Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success
Jean LaVallie

Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success is a thriving group of women entrepreneurs who are committed to cultivating authentic relationships while providing ongoing, mutual support and resources for growing our businesses. Meet and join other women entrepreneurs and independent business owners or women considering starting their own business to learn, network and get ideas to grow your business.


Mad Beaver Coffee Tees
Jason Turuc

We offer boldly roasted and freshly brewed shirts, served hot with a spice of life.Mad Beaver Coffee Tees was started by two crazy people from Chicago with an over the top passion for coffee. We look forward to providing you with a constant flow of freshly brewed T-shirts. We are just getting warmed up, so please subscribe to our email list or social media to see what freshly brewed designs we come up with next.


SoConnected LLC
Cindy Tschosik

SoConnected creates, develops and defines a compelling message for their clients through content writing, technical writing and ghost writing services. They are driven to help successfully connect their client with customers through effective and engaging content. SoConnected’s clear, strategic approach to content use, development, distribution and analysis increases brand recognition, and sales and business grow!


 Dam Thoughts LLC

Monica Martin


Launched in December of 2013, Yumbitz®, llc is a gourmet sweet-snacks company offering wholesome, better-for-you, soft-baked, bite-sized cookies. with a focus on social responsibility, Yumbitz® is the snack that gives back.  We donate a portion of our sales to local charitable organizations with an emphasis on feeding hungry children.



Arrowhead Ales Brewing Company

Mike Bacon & Wes Cooley


The mission of Arrowhead Ales Brewing Company is to produce and serve unique American foods and hand crafted micro brewed beers using the freshest ingredients sourced as locally as possibly for the public to enjoy.  Arrowhead Ales Brewing Company will provide to our valued customers prompt and high quality food and service in a friendly and courteous manner   Arrowhead Ales Brewing Company will be a genuine neighborhood brew pub dedicated to serving not only the brew pub patrons who are providing us with business but also the outlying community.  Arrowhead Ales believes in supporting a local community atmosphere by providing quality service and exceptional products.



 Your Helpful Handyman Inc.

Bill Uznanski


Contact Bill Uznanski for all your handyman needs.


 AMC Accounting Solutions Inc.

Anne Marie Craighead
1001 East Chicago Suite 103
Naperville, Illinois 60540

233 S. Wacker, 84th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60606

AMC Accounting Solutions, located in both Naperville and Chicago, is a full service accounting and tax firm for individuals and small to large businesses. AMC offers services such as single-state and multi-state tax return preparation, bookkeeping, financial statement reports, QuickBooks implementation and customization, payroll, and budget analysis.  As a small business with over 15 years of successful operation, AMC Accounting Solutions takes pride in keeping our clients informed and meeting their diverse needs.  We have a dedicated staff that provides superior customer service, ultimately reducing our clients time commitment and alleviating the stress associated with taxes and accounting.


 Chicago Spine Institute, P.C.
16622 W. 159th St., Suite 500
Lockport, IL 60441
(815) 838-7746
Contact: Dr. Loren Davis

Chicago Spine Institute, P.C. is the leader in non-surgical, comprehensive spinal care.  We believe in affordable, dependable and quality care for the entire family.  Pairing breakthrough technology with our unparalleled standard of service, we work as a team to develop a rehabilitative plan that works best for you.  From personal injury and workers’ compensation to severe pain from disc bulges and herniations or headaches, we specialize in transforming lives.

We provide Chiropractic services as well as advanced spinal traction, massage therapy, rehabilitation and other complementary therapies.  Our goal is to focus on the root of the pain, not just the treatment or management of symptoms.

 Firearms Professional Training Inc.

Dub Smith

We are a complete source for firearms training. We have a variety of training courses:
• Concealed carry courses,
• Basic and advanced training courses in pistol, rifle, shotgun,
• Self-defense courses, and
• NRA Personal Protection in the home course


Money Mom Inc.
Contact: Apryl Moore Beasley

Educating and inspiring children to make smart money decisions.





 Kash Development Corp.
Adam Kash

We are sales development experts that many companies turn to for help with revenue development. Whether you need to accelerate growth, reverse flat or declining sales, reduce cost of sales, hire key sales executives or stronger sales people, conduct training or coaching, we will help identify the real issue and provide sound solutions for your unique business.

For 20 years we have taken on some unique and challenging clients, from start ups to 4th generation businesses to the Fortune 500. We realize that every organization is different and every company wants a solution that is right for them. Working with Kash Development, we can be objective and implement solid solutions that make sound business sense: We deliver solutions focused on what matters most, your company’s sales growth & results.

  Seta Biomedicals, LLC
Erwald Terpetschnig, Ph, D.

SETA BioMedicals was founded in 2008 with the aim to produce and commercialize reliable, high-quality fluorescent tools (dyes, probes, labels and tandems) for the biomedical fields and to enter into strategic alliances with corporate partners.

There is a need for novel fluorescent reagents in particular for new, emerging applications (annual market for fluorescent reagents is in the order of over 900 million and is growing 20% annually) and some of our latest proprietary products are addressing this need.

SETA BioMedicals is interested in partnerships for joint development of new products in the biomedical fields. If you have a new product idea involving any of our fluorescent reagents please contact us at or call us at 217 417 2160.

Have you ever wanted to try meditation but don’t have the time or can’t sit still? Are your muscles sore from that hard work out? Do you struggle with arthritis or chronic pain? Simply lay back and FLOAT in our spacious Float Rooms. Let go and let your body soak up all the amazing benefits of hydrating magnesium sulfate salt.

AniccA Float Club is the premier place to float in the Chicago Suburbs! We are the first Float Club in the country to offer 4 Float ROOMS. We offer you everything you need for the best possible float experience.