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How AMC Legal Stands Out Above the Rest

AMC Legal is a full service law firm with a licensed Illinois attorney. I will provide legal advice on your particular needs or concerns, answer all of your questions, prepare all the paperwork, submit all the paperwork and keep you updated with progress reports when they occur. I’m a licensed Illinois attorney who provides a full suite of services, the same as any large law firm, at more affordable rates. I am the attorney you speak with and who works on all of your documentation. Your work is not passed off to an assistant or a worker bee who is not familiar with your situation.

AMC Legal can help you throughout the life of your business with contract reviews, lease reviews, writing contracts, trademarks, copyrights, estate planning or general advice. If your concerns are not an area that AMC Legal concentrates on then I can usually refer you to another great attorney or even good CPAs in your area. I have spent years seeking out and finding excellent service providers throughout the Chicagoland area to refer my clients to.  I explain everything to you in understandable terms. I don’t expect you to know these things and I do not mind educating my clients on areas they would like to know more about. Just give me a call and we can discuss your needs.

I find it important for my clients to make an informed decision when choosing an attorney to assist them in incorporating their business. Whether you choose AMC Legal or a competitor be sure you know who is advising you and what you are getting for you money.  I’m an entrepreneur myself.  I have been through the challenges of opening and building a business and enjoy helping others become successful.

Here are some questions to ask:

Will an attorney be preparing my paperwork?

Is the attorney licensed in the state of my business?

Will you be just preparing my paperwork or submitting it and following up as well?

Do you offer full representation for all my business needs or just incorporation?

Do you receive a corporate book with bylaws, minutes and indemnification agreement to protect your personal assets?

Are all the filing fees included in the pricing?

Will you obtain my EIN and do my Illinois tax filings such as unemployment report, business registration and new hire forms which are required for all Sub S Corps, or any company with employees or needing a sales tax ID?

What’s Missing?

It may not be as important to compare what each business offers but to pay attention to what is not offered. For instance, Legal Zoom® does not prepare nor file employment tax filings for the state. You may think that you will not have employees so why does this matter to me? But the truth is, if you are an S Corp you will be an employee of your own corporation and need to do this. The State of Illinois gives you 20-30 days after incorporation to file some of this paperwork otherwise there may be penalties. These are items that national services who may not be familiar with all 50 states may be lacking in their services and advice.  We can discuss when you will need to file these.  If it is later on in your business I can assist you at that time as well.

Other services such as Amerilawyer may prepare the paperwork but not submit it for you. The forms are included in your book with quick instruction for you to figure out and make sure it is filed appropriately.  I have personally dealt with clients of these companies who have had to pay their accountant to fix these errors so that they did not wind up paying extra taxes and penalties.  If you don’t understand what you need then you need to be able to rely on someone to help you through it.

Quick Comparison Chart


Quick Comparison Chart

 AMC LegalLegal ZoomIncorporate.comMy CorporationAmeri Lawyer
Filing Fee Included
Attorney Fee Included
Licensed Illinois Attorney Preparing All Paperwork
Completion of All Paperwork
Submission of All PaperworkNo - If not submitted properly it could cause you to pay more in taxesNo - If not submitted properly it could cause you to pay more in taxesNo - If not submitted properly it could cause you to pay more in taxes
Preliminary State Name Search
Quick Federal TM Search*
Information on How to do Legal Compliance for a Corporation or LLCAdditional FeeAdditional Fee
Complete Business Legal Representation Available
Email Articles & EIN upon requestAdditional Fee for Quick EINAdditional Fee
Advice and Services unique to your needs
Illinois Tax Filings Prepared & SubmittedAdditional Fee
Local Referral Network
Corporate Counsel Package for 1 YearAdditional FeeAdditional Fee
Customized Stock Certificates with Seals
Free Document Review
Free Estate Plan Review
Free Attorney Advice Throughout the Life of Your Business
Local Shipping Included
Pricing Comparison for Standard Illinois S Corp Package No Payroll$725 w/filing fee$758.20 w/filing fee
No IL Forms Filed + No Indemnification Agreement
$999.00 w/filing fee$648 w/filing fee
No Il Forms Filed & No Indemnification Agreement
$527.85 w/ filing fee
Applications not submitted

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