AMC Legal strives to bring affordable, quality legal services to its clients. You will work with an experienced attorney who listens to your needs first and then I will create a unique plan for your particular circumstances. I make it a priority to get to know my clients on a personal level so that I can better represent them. I make sure I understand, not only what they are asking for, but what they really need to achieve their goals.  You will speak with me directly for all your legal needs. Your file won’t be handled by a paralegal or handed off to someone else in the firm. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a free consultation.


This full service law firm can help you set up the legal structure for your business, whether it be a C Corp, S Corp, LLC, Series LLC, Non Profit or 501c3.   But my service doesn’t stop there.  I can help you as your business grows with contract creation, contract negotiation, leases, buy-sell agreements, annual reports and much more.


I offer a full comprehensive trademark search and application filing for your mark.  I will work with you to make sure you get the strongest protection possible on the brand you’ve invested your money and time into.  A trademark is used for a company name, a slogan or a logo with the USPTO to give your company added protection on its brand.  You can see more information on my Trademarks page.


Both businesses and individuals can file a copyright application.  A copyright covers almost any work that you create including: literature, text, photos, art, software code and more.  For more information please see my Copyrights page.

Estate Planning

Estate planning encompasses a large area of topics to protect your assets and your family.  This includes setting up a will, trust, health care power of attorney, property power of attorney, living will, funding a trust or making any modifications to your already existing documents to bring them up to date.  I will listen to your concerns and what you would like for your plan and turn those into a comprehensive estate plan for you and your family.  For more information you can see my Estate Planning page.


Affordable doesn’t need to mean cheap, but reasonable.  I offer a free consultation for any matter as well as a free review of your current estate plan.  A majority of my fees are flat fees.  This means I quote you a price up front and that’s what you pay.  I only charge hourly for items such as negotiating a contract or lease and buying or selling a business, or other items that are difficult to judge the time that will be spent.  When I do charge hourly it’s a very fair rate and you are only charged for the time I am working on your project.


I create custom documents and plans to meet the individual and unique needs of each client. Often times it is not the terms of a contract or estate plan that can cause problems later on, but the other terms that are put in by attorneys that often wind up being litigated. I make sure these items are not over looked and drafted appropriately to protect my clients.


I am a licensed attorney in Illinois. I have several years of experience both with an international law firm and on my own. I have been through the process of starting my own business, twice, and have gained a wealth of experience to pass on to my business clients. I have also personally dealt with aging family members and going through the estate planning process with them. I have a great deal of experience in each of my practice areas having helped hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses in numerous industries.


I love when my clients have their aha moment when they’ve been confused by their internet research or other attorneys.  I talk plainly and leave the legalese to brief writers.  I make the law much easier to understand by discussing clients’ needs and explaining the options and best choices.

Client Testimonials

“It was so nice to have someone so pleasant and helpful as yourself to answer the phone today …..especially in a world of automation, answering machines, and voicemail. ” – F.A.

Client Testimonials

“Allison is always been back to me in 4 to 12 hours of my questions.  All questions have been answered quickly. Great work and support. Great personal touch. Straight and to the point.” – M.E.

Client Testimonials

“Kicking myself for not getting in touch earlier, what a weight off – I’m a combination of excitement and relief after speaking with you! ” – J.P.