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Have an experienced attorney at a professional law firm file a copyright on your behalf for a reasonable fee. AMC Legal has filed for copyright protection for several types of media such as fictional works, non fictional works, software code and website protection. AMC Legal will register your copyright for you, walk you through the entire process and keep you up to date even after your filing. Please call for more information and to speak with an attorney.


 What is a Copyright?


Copyrights protect original works of an author that are fixed in a tangible format. Copyright protection applies to: literary works, musical works including lyrics, dramatic works including accompanying music, pantomimes, choreographic works, pictures, graphics and sculptural works, motion pictures, other audiovisual works, sound recordings and architectural works. You CANNOT protect an idea, process, procedure, concept or principle regardless of how it is explained or captured in tangible form.

Do you really need a Trademark? Trademarks include business or product names, logos and slogans. Please see our Trademark page for more information.

When a work is created there is an automatic copyright created with the author of the work. Generally, the author has the exclusive right to reproduce the work, to prepare derivative works, to distribute copies or perform and display the work.

So why register a copyright?

Benefits of a Copyright


When you register a copyright you are afforded additional benefits that a copyright owner would not otherwise have. Copyright registration provides notice to others that you have a copyright in the work you created. It automatically provides evidence that the copyright is valid (though this can be proven otherwise). Registration of the copyright is required in order to file suit to protect the copyright. It is also required in order to recover statutory damages and attorneys fees.


How to protect a Copyright

The best way to protect a Copyright is to first register it with the Library of Congress. This will give notice to the whole nation that you are claiming Copyrights in the work. You can provide notice on the copyrighted work by providing notice of the work by using the copyright symbol ©, or the word “Copyright”, or the abbreviation “Copr.” and the year of first publication and the name of the owner of the copyright.

In general, copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus 70 years. There may be limitation to duration and certain rights in special situation.


Works for Hire


When a copyright is being created for a business it creates additional issues which need to be addressed. Since copyrights are automatically assigned to the author, a copyright or work for hire must be assigned to the business by a written agreement. When a business hires an independent contractor or has an employee create a copyright for the business it is good practice to have an agreement ahead of time to document the arrangement as agreed. After the work is created the author must then sign an agreement signing over any rights to the work that was created. Please call an attorney at AMC Legal to discuss these issues and how to best deal with them for your situation.

How to Apply


AMC Legal can prepare your application on your behalf. All you would need to do is answer some questions and provide 2 copies of the material you are Copyrighting.

Once the application is submitted, the Library of Congress will examine your Copyright to verify that it is unique.

If the application is denied, the determination may be appealed. There is no refund of the application fee if this occurs.


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