Included with Every LLC or Series LLC

Articles of Organization

You will receive your LLC original Articles of Organization stamped by the Illinois Secretary of State.

Secretary of State Filing Fees
  • Regular state filing fees (expediting extra)
Preliminary Name Search


  • AMC Legal will do a thorough search to see if your name is available for incorporation in Illinois before submitting it to the state. We also do a verbal confirmation with the state.
  • Set up minutes including First Meeting of Incorporators, First Meeting of Directors and First Meeting of Shareholders and related Waivers of Notice.
Specimen Membership Certificate
  • For your LLC book
Issued Membership Certificate(s)
  • Issued to each shareholder and sealed with gold foil seal.
Gold Foil Seals
  • Though seals are not required in Illinois, the gold foil seal gives a professional and official look to your stock certificates and by-laws.
Corporate Binder


  • Soft vinyl black corporate binder with cover sleeve and CD and business card pockets and plenty of room for all of your paperwork.
Separation Tabs
  • Pre-labeled for easy to find documents.
Membership Ledger
  • This is required to document the issuance of memberships. The ledger is pre-filled with the initial membership issuance.
Attorney Fees


  • All attorney fees are included.
Tips for your new LLC
  • 9 Things Every Business Should Do
  • I’m Incorporated, Now What: Life After Incorporation
  • When to do Resolutions
Detailed Invoice


  • Use for your first business expense.

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