Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?


You can help protect your family and give you peace of mind by doing an estate plan. The Estate Plan is not just a will or a trust but a cohesive plan to deal with the “what ifs” in life. You can plan who will make your medical and health decisions if an emergency comes up, you can plan who will take care of your finances if you are unable to for a while, you can provide for your children’s well being if you won’t be able to be there for them.

What Will AMC Legal Do?

I will listen to what your concerns are and draft the appropriate documents to meet these needs. I will walk you through the process, educate you on what you need to know and help you make the best decisions. Then I will create high quality documents customized to your unique situation and needs. I go beyond the standard form documents to address issues that most people don’t even think about.

Estate Planning Packages

These packages are for estimating costs of the services required. Each estate plan is unique and may require different services. You will need to speak with an attorney to get a final price for the services required for your particular needs. All prices are subject to change.


 Additional Items

Transferring Title of Property into the Trust is done by quote since the filing fees will depend on the location of the property.

Transfer on Death Instrument (TODI)
This is by quote only again, due to the recording fees and individual circumstances.

Living Will $150
This document allows you to make your own decisions ahead of time as to what type of life prolonging treatments you do or do not want made on your behalf. This document is different from a Health Care Power of Attorney in that an agent does not make this decision on your behalf, but you are speaking for yourself ahead of time. It can take a difficult decision out of the hands of your loved ones and ensure you receive the life prolonging treatments you’d prefer. It if often referred to as a DNR or Do Not Resuscitate Order. This is included in all packages if requested.

Each Package Includes

Binder w/ Slip Case and Seperation Tabs
a Binder with Slip case and separation tabs so you can leave all necessary information in one place for your executor and trustee. It will also include a Personal Property Memorandum so you can designate who should receive personal heirlooms and mementos.
Critical Information List
This is a list of what documents you can collect for your executor and Trustee so that they will have all the information they need in one location.  This goes a long way to making everything easier for your loved ones.
Beneficiary List
It will also include a Beneficiary List for you to keep track of who is listed as beneficiary on each of your accounts. These lists are good for you to keep track of items to ensure they are properly titled, to remind you to update these designations if there are any changes in your estate plan as well as a good source of information for your executor and trustee.
Account List
It will also include an Account List so you can inform your executor and trustee of your critical account information.
Password Lists
Also included is a Password List for you to fill out so you can inform your executor and trustee of critical information for your electronic accounts.
Asset List
It will also include an Asset List so your executor and trustee will immediately know what assets they need to protect, pay debts and bills on and include in the estate process.

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