Non Profit and 501c3

If you are forming an organization for charitable, educational, scientific or religious purposes and you are not doing so in order to make a profit then a Non Profit organization may be right for you. A Non Profit can still have employees and is still run in a similar manner as a regular corporation but they are not in business to make money but to serve some general public purpose, therefore, they are given a tax break.

If you are organized for one of the approved IRS purposes, your organization may qualify for 501c3 status which provides federal tax exemption for the organization, deductible donations for donors to the organization and may allow the organization to apply for grants.

If you have decided to form a Non Profit Organization or a 501c3 Organization you can see what’s included in the basic packages by clicking the link below. You can then read over the many other services that are offered by this Firm in the Non Profit Services Section as well. Please read the Services carefully. They contain very important information regarding other filings that are required as well as information regarding liability protection and taxes.

Which Entity Is Right For Me

Non Profit Packages

These packages are for estimating costs of the services required. Each business is unique and may require different services. You will need to speak with an attorney to get a final price for the services required for your particular business. Other services you may require: shipping, registered agent services, corporate counsel club, employment agreement, independent contractor agreement, other contracts or other services which you can discuss with the attorney when you place an order. All prices are subject to change.

Each Package Includes

Articles Of Incorporation
You will receive your original articles file stamped by the state.

Secretary of State Filing Fees
Regular state filing fees (expediting extra)

Preliminary Name Search
AMC Legal will do a thorough search to see if your name is available for incorporation in Illinois as well as a quick federal trademark search (this does not replace a full federal and common law trademark search).

Set up minutes including First Meeting of Incorporators, First Meeting of Members and related Waivers of Notice.

Thoroughly researched by-laws that are fully compliant with State Statutes.

Specimen Membership Certificate
For Your Corporate Book.

Issued Membership Certificate(s)
Issued to each Member and sealed with gold foil seal.

Gold Seals
Though seals are not required in Illinois, the gold foil seal gives a professional and official look to your membership certificates and by-laws.

Corporate Binder
Soft vinyl black corporate binder with cover sleeve and CD and business card pockets and plenty of room for all of your paperwork.

Separation Tabs
Pre-labeled for easy to find documents.

Attorney Fees
All attorney fees are included.

Tips for your new Corporation
9 Things Every Business Should Do

I’m Incorporated, Now What: Life After Incorporation When to do Resolutions Detailed Invoice to use for your first business expense.

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