Why Choose AMC Legal?

Experienced Licensed Attorney

  • Only an attorney can provide the legal advice you need before incorporating.  By law, providing advice as to how to incorporate, which entity you should choose or how to protect yourself from personal liability is considered the practice of law and can only be given by a licensed attorney.
  • Your paperwork will be done by an attorney located in Illinois, licensed in Illinois and who knows Illinois law.  The quick services that are available on the internet are typically not provided by licensed attorneys and their websites usually even suggest that you seek an attorney’s advice before incorporating.
  • Beware of services or companies that incorporate in many or all states.  They may not be licensed in Illinois and they may not be aware of specific Illinois requirements.
  • This is a law firm, not an internet service.  Unlike many other services you will find on the internet, AMC Legal is a real law firm with a real presence in Illinois.   I am a licensed Illinois attorney in good standing with the Illinois Bar and I can offer you sound legal advice regarding the formation of your business.
  • I also have personal experience in opening a small business. I understand the time constraints and financial pressures that you may be experiencing.

Personal Attention

At AMC Legal you will receive personal and professional attention for your business. I am a solo practitioner.  That means when you call AMC Legal you will talk to me, an experienced attorney. Your book is not prepared or reviewed by assistants or paralegals but by me personally before anything leaves my office.  Though honest mistakes do happen, the chance for mistakes is drastically reduced by having the attorney who talked to you personally be the one to prepare your paperwork and review it before it is sent to you. I don’t just incorporate you and send you on your way.  Many people make the mistake of believing that if they incorporate then they are protected from personal liability and they will automatically get better tax treatment.  That’s simply not true.  There are many things a business needs to do to be fully protected and I will help you through the process.  Don’t fall into the trap that many other small businesses have fallen into.  AMC Legal will advise you of the additional steps you will need to take and provide the support and follow through that you simply won’t get with other services. I take great pride in serving my clients.  Your satisfaction matters to me.


Full Service

  • I don’t just provide you with the paperwork so you can do it on your own.  I actually do the work for you.  I actually file your articles with the secretary of state.  I actually record your articles with the county.  I obtain your EIN as early as possible.  I actually submit your paperwork for you so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • I actually help you fund your trust and walk you through the follow up needed to get it fully funded.
  • I keep copies of all of your paperwork. If you are ever the victim of a fire or flood or if you ever lose your paperwork AMC Legal will be able to recreate your book from the records on file with the firm.
  • I try to take the confusion and pain out of starting your own business or creating your estate plan.

Reasonable Fees

  • Some less experienced attorneys charge several times more for similar services that I offer at reasonable fees.



Quick Turn Around Time

  • I try to get everything done as quickly as possible.  I don’t sit on your paperwork because you didn’t pay to expedite.  Though expediting will definitely get your filing done much, much quicker because otherwise I cannot rush the Secretary of State, I still try to get your paperwork to you as quickly as possible.  No unnecessary delays.  I will even fax you your articles and EIN before I ship your book upon request for a nominal fee.
  • I can typically get you drafts of all of the estate plan documents within 1-2 weeks depending on their complexity.

 Range of Services

  • I offer a full range of services from company formation, company maintenance, contract review, contract creation all the way to dissolution if necessary.
  • I not only offer estate planning but can also help you look ahead to the future for long term care planning.
  • I also partner up with other trusted professionals in the area to help you with your other needs.


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