Included with Every Corporate Book

Articles of Incorporation
  • Either listing the directors or leaving directors blank
Secretary of State Filing Fees
  • Regular state filing fees (expediting extra)
Preliminary Name Search
  • AMC Legal will do a thorough search to see if your name is available for incorporation in Illinois before submitting it to the state. We also do a quick federal trademark search.  This does not replace a full trademark search but may show any direct conflicts with filings.
  • Set up minutes including First Meeting of Incorporators, First Meeting of Directors and First Meeting of Shareholders and related Waivers of Notice.
  • Thoroughly researched by-laws that are fully compliant with State Statutes.
Specimen Stock Certificate
  • For your corporate book
Issued Stock Certificate(s)
  • Customized and issued to each shareholder and sealed with custom gold foil seal.
Gold Foil Seals
  • Though seals are not required in Illinois, the gold foil seal gives a professional and official look to your stock certificates.
Corporate Binder
  • Soft vinyl black corporate binder with cover sleeve and CD and business card pockets and plenty of room for all of your paperwork.
Separation Tabs
  • Pre-labeled for easy to find documents.
Stock Transfer Ledger
  • This is required to document the issuance and transfer of shares. The ledger is pre-filled with the initial stock issuance.
Attorney Fees
  • All attorney fees are included.
Tips for your new Corporation
  • Book Instructions (you can always call or email the Firm for help)
  • Post Incorporation Information
  • When to do Resolutions
Detailed Invoice
  • Use for your first business expense.

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