Trademarks & Copyrights

What are the Differences Between Trademarks & Copyrights?

Many people are confused by the differences between Trademarks & Copyrights or even Service marks. Let’s go through what each mean and when they should be used.

Trademark Information

You have spent, or will spend, years building your brand and getting your customers to recognize your company name with your business and with quality service or products. It’s important to protect your business’s name and branding from being used by others in the same industry. There are many reasons to protect your brand but the most important is you don’t want another company to profit from your hard work, you won’t want customers to confuse another company with yours and you won’t want another to ruin your hard earned reputation.

You can protect your business identity from being used by another company doing the same business by filing for Trademark protection.

For more detailed information such as: what is a trademark, how can a trademark protect my business and how to apply see the Trademarks Page.

Copyright Information

You can also protect any written material that you have created such a books, manuscripts, pictures, sculptures and even software coding by filing for copyright protection. Once any of these works are created there is automatic copyright protection in the author but registering your copyright will afford you important additional protection that you would not otherwise have. For more information on what is protectable by copyright, what additional protection copyrights provide and how to apply see the Copyrights Page.

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